Due to the coronavirus situation in our community we have made the decision to temporarily close Whistle Stop Bakery until further notice to comply with state mandates, as well as for the safety of our customers and employees. You can still get your Whistle Stop fix, though! We have an updated list of wholesalers on our website where Whistle Stop pies will be available. Please stay safe and remember: Keep calm, and have some pie!

Established in 1982, at the Whistle Stop Bakery everything we serve is baked fresh using the highest quality, most wholesome ingredients we can find, local when possible. Then we mix them with love and bake them to perfection. Each unforgettable savory and sweet treat is made using family recipes and have been enjoyed by our community for over 30 years.

You can find us at the Branchville RR Station in Ridgefield, Connecticut.
Alternatively stop by and visit us when we visit farmer’s markets around Fairfield County (check the side box for updates). Whether it’s cakes, cookies, pies or scones, we’ll have something unforgettable for you!